Kinnow (Orange)

Kinnow (Orange) has become a major export item of Pakistan with still brighter prospects for future as the country’s researchers hope to develop soon a seedless variety of the soft-scented, juicy fruit.
Cultivated primarily in the plains of Punjab province of Pakistan, Kinnow was first developed by H.B. Frost at the University of California at Riverside in 1935 by cross-pollinating the King and the Willow-Leaf varieties of mandarin, according to Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing (Wiley, John and Sons. 2006)

Pakistani Kinnow is grown under totally natural climatic conditions. The produce is sun-ripened on the trees and carefully hand picked precisely at the right time. Pakistani Kinnow is known as the best in taste and quality throughout the world and we are in the process to develop its seedless variety. The work on seedless variety was underway at National Institution of Agriculture and Biology Faislabad in collaboration with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Every year Kinnow exports bring precious foreign exchange and it is hoped that the seedless variety will boost it further. The expert said this year’s Kinnow exports would amount to 240,000 metric tonnes.


Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and East Europe are the largest export markets for Pakistani Kinnow. However, according an expert there was more room for Pakistani Kinnow in Europe and Iran. Kinnow orchards in Pakistan are mainly located in Mianwali, Sargodha, Multan, Khushab, Mandi Bahauddin, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang, Laiyah and Bhalwal districts of Punjab.


The Kinnow (Orange) season in Pakistan starts in mid-November and extends normally upto April. Other varieties of orange including malta, musambi and fruiter that only contribute 25 percent of the total production of citrus fruit.


At Royal Farms International we grow a finest seed and after plucking the fruit, the next step is processing. For processing we select excellent Kinnow fruits, which are meant for export. These Kinnow fruits are first washed, waxed and treated with anti-fungus medicines. This keeps the Kinnow fruits fresh up to two months. At this time there were about 200 Kinnow processing units in Pakistan, most of them established recently. These units contribute a lot in enhancing the quality of Pakistani Kinnow for export purposes. As far as the requirement of Kinnow in Pakistan is concerned it is not only a much produced fruit but also much consumed in the local consumer markets.


At Royal Farms International, our experts chose the best quality Pakistani Kinnow (Orange) for export to the demanding customers all over the world.

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